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Best haircuts for fine hair

Fine hair is compromised of thin strands of hair which have a tendency to break easily. Fine hair refers to the hairs structure not its quantity. Therefore not all fine hair is thin hair. You can also have an abundant amount of fine hair. Abundant fine hair is usually characterized by flat limp hair against the scalp then a large amount of flyaway hair. Some cuts can work for both types of fine hair, but others suit one or the other so take care to consider this.

There are many hair care tricks to make fine hair look fuller and beautiful, but your haircut has the most dramatic influence in enhancing your hairs fullness. Here you will get some of the best and worst haircuts for fine hair. In addition, tips on caring for fine hair are also included.

Before you go for a haircut it is important to make sure you have a hair stylist that understands your fine hair. Not all hairdressers know how to get the most out of fine hair. Fine hair, especially if it is straight, doesn't hide a bad cut well. If in doubt look for a stylist who has the same hair structure and quantity as you, they will undoubtedly know how to handle your hair and remember that your hair type requires regular cuts to keep it from looking thin and straggly.

Also remember when considering a new haircut that you also need to ensure the style compliments your face shape and lifestyle requirements.

Cuts to try:

The Bob

The reality is that hair all the one length and relatively short looks the fullest. This is why the bob style cut is one of the most popular hairstyles for fine hair. It can work for both thin and abundant hair types depending on your face shape. Make sure it is completed with blunt cutting scissors that cuts the ends straight across.

The medium length layered cut

Mid length hair benefits from layers to create the look of body in fine hair. Layers can also be cut to take the weight off abundant hair to ensure that it bounces up rather then looking stringy. Layers that can be styled to flick under, or out can increase the hairs fullness around the face. Try to ensure hair is cut in the direction of growth to work with it as much as possible.

Short cuts

The shorter you cut fine hair the fuller it tends to look. Pixie style cuts that are closely cropped and layered look good when spiked. Or try a cut with blunt fullness on top and graduated blending to shorter at the neck. Victoria Beckham's recent hairstyle with short hair which is longer at the front and flipped over to one side really creates the appearance of volume on fine hair.


Fringes help both thin and abundant fine hair because both hair types tend to lie flat and limp against the head. If you have abundant longer hair then a fringe sweeping to one side will give you volume around the face area. If you have short thin hair the shorter and heavier you cut your fringe the better.

Sharon Stone is a celebrity who has fine hair, she has often worn her hair in blunt bobs or short spiked pixie styles complete with a minute spiky fringe. When her hair gets long it tends to get wispy and isn't as attractive hence why we don't see her sporting that kind of look often.

Cuts to avoid:

Make sure you avoid the following if you have fine hair, because it will only make it look worse.

Long hair

If you have thin, fine hair then hair past a bob length cut won't look great. If you have abundant fine hair that you can grow it a little longer, but hair much past shoulder length will start to look wispy and sparse.

Razor style cutting

Make sure you avoid cuts completed with razor cutting scissors because they have a tendency to make your hair look even more straggly and flyaway.

Cuts with no style

Fine hair doesn't hold styles as well as thick hair so ensure that you get a cut which is a style in itself.

Color, care and styling also play a role in helping fine hair look its best. Color can enhance the appearance of fine hair, because the process of hair coloring makes the hair shaft swell making it appear thicker. Highlights in particular can add the appearance of volume and chunky highlights tend to be the most effective. You will probably find that you need to wash your hair more frequently then people with other hair types because the oils in your hair will make it look lank quite quickly. Perms or curled styles can help fine hair look fuller and they can help tame abundant fine hair by giving it a more structured style.

Be very careful when using products on fine hair, rich conditioners and gels can weigh the hair down making it look even lanker. Instead use products like lightweight mousse at the roots.Your fine hair can look beautiful with the right treatment, so just make sure you take on some of this advice when caring for your fine hair!

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