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How to prevent bad breath

Bad breath can spring up when you least expect it and can leave you to face a very embarrassing moment. The main cause of bad breath in our physical bodies is bacterial growth. Known as plaque, this bacteria allows some sulphur compound types of chemicals, to be created as a volatile cocktail in your mouth. Tooth decay, even indents or grooves in your tongue, can be holding, or catchment areas for this bacteria. Your tongue contains millions of microscopic filaments that trap tiny food particles, and create a home for bacteria.

Here are a few ideas you can do to prevent bad breath:

1) Chewing Gum
Always keep a package of mint chewing gum in your pocket or in your purse. It's the perfect way to disguise that spicy meal that is lingering on your breath. And you never know when you're going to meet someone when you're out and will need that bit of peppermint confidence to get you through.

The market is filled with your choice of flavors and spice intensities and you may want to just chew a piece for a few minutes after the meal to get rid of the possibility of any bad breath. Then you can get rid of the gum and feel refreshed.

Fruit gums taste great but they don't eliminate bad breath as quickly as a mint flavor, and in some cases, they just add to the distasteful odor.

2) Breath mints

These can be more beneficial than gum especially if you want to freshen your breath quickly and not have the issue of something stuck in your mouth. The mint dissolves, your breath is fresh and you are able to speak without working around the candy.

You can buy single containers of tiny breath mints or rolls of larger mints. It's just a matter of preference.

3) Avoid certain foods. When you're out with someone or planning to meet up with someone, avoid spicy foods that leave a lingering presence. For example, don't eat curry or garlic before a job interview because your breath is going to knock everyone over.

And sometimes breath mints aren't strong enough to give lasting effects for this type of bad breath. So, you should avoid these foods when you don't want that lasting bad breath to keep coming back at you.

4) Gargle. You can gargle with a mouthwash once or twice a day to help maintain that clean, fresh breath. If you're fighting a cold, this is especially good because you might not be aware that your breath is becoming offensive.

As well, the mouthwash will help to kill the bacterial germs that are causing the cold.

You can purchase purse-size bottles of mouthwash, as well, and keep that with you to use sporadically throughout the day to help kill the cold germs and freshen your breath.

5) Breath sprays. Keep a breath spray in your pocket or in your purse for those unexpected moments when you have to speak to someone and want to have fresh breath. It's quick and easy and freshens your breath instantly.

Clean, fresh breath is so much more inviting than a bad breath that is sure to be a turn off.


Lawrence said...

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sai krupa said...

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