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Male Skin Care Secrets

Male skin care is not much different from women skin care, however there are some important differences, mens skin is more prone to redness and inflammation. Shaving causes drying skin in men and it needs to be counteract with a moisturizer.

Knowing your skin type is important also:

Do you have normal skin? use a daily cleanse tone moisturizer routine for your face.

Do you have Oily Skin? It is usually ticker and firmer than a normal skin. You can try a glycolic facial cleanser then a astringent and a free oil body cleansing gel. Avoid common cheap soaps they dry up your skin.

Do you have Dry skin? your skin may seem thin, dull rough and irritated. You probably have a normal skin and you are not treating it properly, you should follow the same advice as a normal skin or consult your dermatologist.

Now, if you are already past your 30s you need to prevent your skin from forming wrinkles and getting damaged by environment toxins. There are biological and external factors that cause the skin to wrinkle and get damaged.

Some of the biological factors are hormonal imbalance, free radical damage and a lack of a healthy diet. External factors are environment toxins, pollution, smoke, sunlight and others.

Is important to take the necessary measure to protect yours kin and body from further damage, you should use sunscreen, avoid smoking, take anti oxidants, eat healthy foods and avoid junk food.

However as collagen and elastin breaksdown in our body wrinkles show up, so you need to find a males anti aging skin care cream that will improve your collagen and elastin production naturally.

To achieve that look for natural creams that contain only organic ingredients like CynergyTk, CoenzymeQ10, Wakame Kelp, Honey, Passion Fruit, protein peptides, moisturizers and others.

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