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Anti Wrinkle Cream For Men - Superior to Botox

Many people don't even know that a good anti wrinkle cream for men exists. It seems that so many of the cosmetics products advertised and talked about are designed for women that men's wrinkle cream sort of gets pushed off into the shadows. Let's see what we can do to bring this product into the light of day.

The first thing that we want to cover is what to look out for in an anti wrinkle cream for men. One of the most popular ingredients in these creams are the synthetic proteins that they are calling "Botox alternatives." These synthetics are at least as risky to use as actual Botox is and should be avoided.

For those of you reading who don't understand why these proteins do not belong in over the counter men's wrinkle cream, let me explain to you exactly what they do. These synthetic proteins are designed to be absorbed deep down into the skin in order to affect a temporary paralysis on the muscles underneath.

This is the same action that got Botox banned to only clinical use several years ago by the FDA, who are now looking at these alternatives in the same light. The FDA, which oversees the cosmetics industry, is investigating to try and decide if these proteins should be allowed to remain in anti wrinkle cream for men.

Until they enforce a ban on the use of these ingredients in men's wrinkle cream, those creams should be left alone. Inflicting paralysis in a home setting is too dangerous if you ask me, and there are safer alternatives out there. I am going to tell you about a product line that is simply amazing.

A company in New Zealand has discovered a derivative known as Functional Keratin in the wool of a certain breed of sheep native to the Pacific island nation. This naturally occurring protein works in anti wrinkle cream for men by stimulating the body to grow new collagen and elastin. This could effectively end the dependence on harmful collagen and Botox injections.

The company that produces this amazing men's wrinkle cream have also discovered a combination of ingredients that provide the skin with a natural sunscreen. By the combination of specially prepared coenzyme Q10 and natural vitamin E the team formed a powerful antioxidant formula that could penetrate deeply and repair free radical damage.

With the addition of Vitamin B5 they realized that they had a three punch combination that would literally protect the skin from the sun's harmful rays, and would also enhance the body's natural tanning process. How is that for an outstanding addition to men's wrinkle cream?

This company is producing some of the most innovative cosmetics formulas that the world has ever been introduced to, and they are doing it safely and naturally. There anti wrinkle cream for men is the safest product of its kind that can be found anywhere. You owe it to yourself to give this company's outstanding products a try.

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