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Best Natural Skin Care Cream - Why Natural Does Not Always Mean Natural!

The search is on for the best natural skin care cream being produced, but where has it gotten us? While some manufacturers may claim that they have the best skin creams available, we're finding that these proclamations are often exaggerated. Most are not even organic.

You should be extremely careful to read the label before buying what is advertised as the best natural skin care cream, because what you'll actually find in it could harm you. Most producers of cosmetics today utilize active ingredients only in very low doses, and the rest of the lotion is filled with potentially dangerous chemical additives. Knowing what is in your product before you buy could save you from a nasty experience later.

While perusing through what are thought to be the best skin creams available we should always be vigilant towards avoiding any products which contain these harsh abrasives and chemical additives.

Many of the most highly advertised items are filled with this fluff because using them as opposed to authentically natural ingredients is a cost cutting move. This leaves more money in the proffer for marketing this inferior product.

This so-called best natural skin care cream can be especially dangerous to you when applied to your face, because they will be swiftly absorbed through your pores and will enter your bloodstream. The manufacturer knows that these chemicals are potentially harmful, and yet they include them anyway.

Have you seen how many of the best skin creams nowadays contain collagen as their main active ingredient? Did you know that you are wasting your money by buying these products?

Collagen cannot be absorbed through your skin, so as a topical ointment it is useless. It is also a highly allergenic substance, so it poses a health risk to some users. Before receiving collagen injections you must take a battery of allergy tests.

The actual best natural skin care cream is being produced in New Zealand. Their research and development team has discovered a way to naturally stimulate the production and re-growth of collagen and elastin. It turns out that an extract developed from the wool of a certain breed of sheep native to the island is the answer.

The company also has put together an emulsion of CoQ10 and natural vitamin E into their best skin creams. This emulsion is the first version of CoQ10 that is capable of being absorbed through the pores. The powerful antioxidant formula reaches deep down through all 7 layers of skin, destroying damaging free radicals as it goes.

If more companies put the bulk of their money into research and development of their best natural skin cream instead of pouring it all into marketing, then we would have higher rate products available. Unfortunately, most companies would rather make lots of money than produce true quality products.

If you want to find the best skin creams, then you have to go online. The direct buy companies like the one in New Zealand are the only companies putting in the work to develop the best natural skin care cream available.

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