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Anti Aging Skin Care Products - How to Choose the Right One For You

Anti-aging skin products have become a huge industry with billions now being spent on them annually. It seems that we will spend just about any amount of money just to look better and younger.

Marketers take full advantage of this and create never ending amounts of new and different products to help us in our quest for youth. The problem is the vast majority are either very expensive or just plain don't work.

The aim of this article is to help you decide which products are right for you and which products to avoid. So lets get to it.

Firstly you should avoid anti-aging skincare products that have collagen in their product label. The only reason marketers promote collagen is that most of us are aware that collagen is important to stop our skin from sagging ,aging and becoming wrinkled.

The problem is that collagen molecules are way to big to penetrate the skin when we apply them topically. The only product is one that will help your own body to produce more collagen itself.

The second thing you should avoid is anti-aging skincare products with fragrances in them. Why is that? The problem with fragrances is that they contain toxins and because our skin is porous the toxins can enter the bloodstream which can cause long term harm.

As we are applying the products topically we will be covering large areas of our skin, whereas a good perfume or body spray only requires a few drops or a light spray making them a much safer way to smell nice, rather than having the fragrances in the skin care products.

As with most products marketing is important so a very large part of the budget is spent on paying famous people and stars for endorsements. Take Proactive Solutions ™ although not an anti aging skin care treatment it is part of skin care in general. This product is endorsed by Jessica Simpson who I think we can safely assume would be paid millions in cash and or royalties. This money has to be added to the costs of producing the products.

As a researcher my job is to try and find smaller companies who concentrate on creating quality anti-aging skincare products. Since they don't spend most of the budget on TV advertising or huge magazine spreads, they can use high quality ingredients to create really great products that work.

To conclude if you look for skincare products with ingredients proven to stimulate your own bodies collagen production that doesn't waste money on celebrity marketing, you should come out a winner.

Mark is a researcher dedicated to skin care and health products. He shares his research and findings on his website If you would like more tips on reducing fine lines, damaged or wrinkled skin visit now to find out which products Mark personally recommends.

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