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Best Hair Loss Products For Women

Many of us equate baldness and the loss of hair as something that only affects guys. Many are shocked to find that the rate of females who are balding is rising.

No longer are treatments for baldness being made exclusively for men, they are being marketed for women as well. If you are a female and you're suffering from thinning hair, you can do something about it.

Some of the best hair loss products for women are really helping many females finally get a grip on restoring their hair back to normal. Take heart because you will soon discover various treatments that are sure to help.

There are really only three types of hair loss that affect females. They are androgenetic alopecia, telogen effluvium, and alopecia areata. Unlike what men face, women usually tend to lose their hair due to hormonal imbalances.

To really discover what exactly is causing your hair to fall out, many urge you to get bloodwork done to make sure there aren't any underlying causes. You can also examine a few treatment options that can help.

Spironolactone is a prescription medication that has been found to be a great factor in preventing hair loss and regrowing lost hair in females. This medication is usually administered in 100-200 mg doses per day.

Flutamide is also another med that can be used for this sole purpose. Expect to use at least 250 mg three times a day for maximum benefit.

You may have heard that certain birth control pills can cause you to shed your hair as well. Interestingly there are a few you may want to consider that can actually aid in female hair regrowth.

One of these is Norgestimate. Norgestimate is most popularly known as Ortho-Cyclen and Ortho Tri-Cyclen. If you're presently on a contraceptive that you feel may be the cause of your hair loss, why not talk to your doctor about using one of these two instead.

Another great one that has some hair growing effects for females is Norgestrol. This would be Lo/Ovral, Ovrefte, and Ovral as your perspective ones for treating female alopecia.

Like always though, you can aim at using an FDA approved treatment for stimulating hair growth. One that hasn't failed too many women is minoxidil 2%. This is generic Rogaine and you can find it in any local drug store.

A great idea would be to use minoxidil 2% in combination with spironolactone for faster results. This again is just a suggestion, minoxidil 2% on it's own will work fine as a hair loss product.

There are other solutions for female baldness. In fact some of the best hair loss products for women are being kept a secret by many hair loss companies.

Glen Pedro is a certified dermatologist and for years has helped many women combat baldness for good.

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