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Collagen Lip Injection - Here's How To Get Those Sexy Full Lips

Collagen lip injections have been the gold-bar standard in lip augmentation procedures for the last two decades and they have been plenty of publicity as more and more stars come out and admit that they have had the procedure done to them. Actresses like Angelina Jolie use the injections to temporarily enhance the shape of the lips, giving them a fuller, sexier shape. While the injections may only last three to four months at a time, they are the way to go if you are unsure about having permanent implants.

The collagen used in lip augmentation procedures is made from the collagen collected, processed, and purified from the skin of a cow. Some people have had allergic reactions to this substance, forcing a worldwide allergy sensitivity test to be required for all patients have this procedure performed. As long as the body does not reject the collagen, the procedure can take place. The body will eventually absorb the collagen, and the procedure can be repeated as often as the patient wishes to have it done - and can afford to have it done.

The beauty of the collagen lip injections is that patients can see what they will look like with fuller lips without having to be stuck with a more permanent effect. This is a good way to test out a new look, to see how others react, and to see how the patient feels about their improved appearance. Plus, collagen injections have also shown to help reduce the wrinkles in a persons lips due to aging, another factor to be taken in consideration on the beauty front.

Doctor's can increase the size of the upper or lower lips - sometimes both - based on what the patient is looking for. He or she will discuss with the patient in great length what the patient is hoping to get out of the procedure and together they will come up with a look that is fitting for the person. Everyone is different so this consultation and the subsequent decisions that come from it are very important.

The injection procedure is done on a walk in basis, usually in the doctor's office. Patients have their lips injected with collagen and go home. Some doctor's use a collagen lidocaine mixture that helps numbs the lips at the same time the collagen is being introduced to them. This keeps the number of injection sites down to one and it also helps patients recover more quickly with less need of pain medication. Some swelling and bruising simply cannot be avoided, but by following the doctor's instruction and applying ice packs over the course of the following 48 hours, most patients will see improvements quickly.

This type of procedure is used quite often to help people plump up their thin lips or to simply give them a bit more fullness than they had before. If you are thinking about collagen lip injections, contact your local physician and ask them to refer you to a specialist in the state in which you live and ask for a consultation to see if this procedure right for you.

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