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5 Make-up Tips - Best Party Looks of all Time

Exciting, elegant and simple to do!
Head-turning party looks don't come any better than these.

1) The Big Tease

Big hair is back on runways. The most gorgeous hair looks sensuous and touchable, not hairspray-stiff.
Start by working a dollop of mousse into towel-dried hair from end to roots. Blow-dry. Set your hair on hot rollers, meanwhile you can put on your make-up.
When the rollers are cool, remove them and comb through your hair using a hairspray-misted brush.

2)Lush Lashes

False eyelashes add glamor but they can never beat the allure of natural-looking lashes.
Use eyelashes curler close to the base of lashes. Press firmly for 2 seconds. Move the curler up and move again. Repeat several times to the tips for natural-looking curls in tour lashes.
Then apply mascara. Hold wand horizontal, forcing it in close to the base of the lashes and wiggling it. This will give thicker lashes and an eyeliner effect.

3) Smoky Eyes

Posh and sexy. Purple is hot eye color for party. It gives added style to smoky eyes. Instead of using black, apply brown eyeshadow across the eye sockets to create a thick eyeliner look.
Blend in purple eyeshadow with strong pigments, either shimmer or matte,on top of the brown. Finish by sweeping the shimmer-based mauve shadow across the whole area. This softens the smoky eye effects and adds some festive sparkle without looking too theatrical. Finish with mascara and sheer gloss.

4) Bright Lips

Break free of the classic red party lips and reach out for upbeat pinks, rosy reds or coral. Go for glossy vibrants puckers. You can either layer a lip gloss over your lipstick or swipe on pigment-rich lip gloss. If you're feeling a little enthuasiatic, match nails for a vintage.

5) Lilac Liner

To to minimize chick look, line your eyes with a girlie lilac shade. On skin with yellow undertones, lilac brightens your overall look and helps bring attention to your eyes without looking too loud.


Sarah84 said...

:D merry christmas!
miley cyrus

harley davidd said...

Wear a lipstick that you like, which flatters you. Then go over it with the shimmery gloss. You require the right blend of makeup products that not only enhance your natural beauty.

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