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Top 3 Beauty Tips to Look like a Movie Star

Becoming the perfect personification of beauty is almost... not, truly it's impossible, and even movie stars know that. The key to really looking gorgeous is not to become perfect, but rather to highlight your already-there assets. I mean, what would this world be like if Jeniffer Lopez didn't stand up for her imposing back side? What about Tyra Banks' large doe-eyes and Angelina Jolie's famous plump lips - can we really live without those?

Recently, even the celebs themselves are taking up a more positive standpoint in regards to beauty. Actresses like Keira Knightley and Jennifer Love Hewitt have spoken up for maintaining their natural beauty despite what Hollywood may consider as flaws to the perfect image.

Saying thus, here are the 3 top beauty tips on how to achieve that Hollywood-esque glamour, without significantly changing your look.

1. Most beauty tips start from within. But we are not talking about personalities. We mean that you have to concern of the food you put inside your system. We are not asking you to ditch food fully so that you could fit into the near impossible size "0." After all, America Ferrera and Drew Barrymore are both who look GORGEOUS even though they are not in that category.

Rather, we want you to look at food as a supporter to achieving beauty. For example, entirely eliminating fats in your diet will only make your skin, hair, and nails look pale, dull and brittle.

One of the best skin care tips we can give you then is to go on a proper diet. And when we say proper diet, we mean a diet that is approved by physicians, dieticians and / or nutritionists. Not all diets are appropriate to all body types, you know. A proper diet can help you lose or gain pounds as your body needs, and at the same time, give you that radiant glow that only comes from being healthy from within.

2. If you want to know some healthy hair secrets, you could also ask the health professional what natural ingredients you could use to enhance you hair type. Eggs and olive oil are great as moisturizers, but there are other botanicals you could use.
As for hair colors and styles, one of the biggest mistakes you could do is to do your own hair. It may sound strange, but if you want to capture that Hollywood-esque glam, let the pros handle it. Ask your hairdresser what hair style will accentuate parts of your face that you like. If you have those really gorgeous eyes, hiding them underneath loads of bangs will diminish your beauty.

For example, Jennifer Aniston accentuates her sleek, chiseled jaws and slanted cheekbones with her definitive layered locks with the sun-kissed highlights. Alternatively, drastic changes can also be beneficial. Pop sensation Rihanna, continues to make waves with her unexpectedly short do.

3. As far as make up tips are concerned, the mantra now is light and glowing. Gone are the days when dramatic heavy-lidded eyes and overly rouged cheeks are considered a la mode. If you want make-up that can hide flaws, you could try some base concealers, and then go for mineral-based make-up instead like foundations and blushes.

This easy combo will not only hide unwanted spots, but it can give you that flawless and vibrant look. Just keep in mind to apply the same to your neck area to complete the look.

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