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Top 10 Tips for plus Size Halloween Costumes

Make sure you allocate an adequate amount of time to get, or perhaps create, your Halloween costume this year. Plus size women should take a look at the various choices available. There is a huge selection of plus size Halloween costumes to choose from; perhaps all the choices available online will leave you in doubt on what to pick.

Here I have selected the top 10 plus size Halloween costumes for plus size women. This list will help out curvy ladies select a costume to make this year's Halloween one to remember.

1. Cleopatra Queen of the Nile

Become the plus size Egyptian Queen of the Nile with a white dress, an under slip, gold wrist bands, an Egyptian sash and a Cleopatra headpiece. Pair this costume up with a toga man or Caesar costume for a great couples costume idea.

2. Elvira

Elvira is a classic and sexy costume which without a doubt will make you a hit. Dress up as the mistress of the dark Halloween this year. Wear a black dress, belt and dagger. High light your appearance with an Elvira wig.

3. Charleston Queen

Become a curvy babe straight out of the 20's with plus size costume made up of a purple drop waist dress with chiffon over blouse and a headband.

4. French Maid

Sexy French maid is an all time classic. Wear a puff sleeve dress, an apron and a feather duster! So with this costume you're practically all set to be a Halloween curvy diva.

5. After Hours Nurse

Another sexy Halloween costume for those intimate moments. Wear a zip front dress equipped with a nurse cap and stethoscope; you definitely have all you need to play doctor with that special someone this Halloween, who knows, perhaps you'll receive a nice treat!

6. Super Hero

Show off your curvy super powers with one of a kind plus size Halloween costume with a red, white, blue and gold dress, with a star skirt and red cape.

7. Vegas Bee

Wear costume that is made for those private Halloween game and bedroom trick or treating. Your partner will not be able to resist you, in this costume as sweet as honey! Pick costume that is made up of a metallic stripe knit corset and a sequin detailed tulle petticoat.

8. Wench

Definitely sexy appearance will help any curvy woman make a lasting impression this Halloween. Wear a halter dress with lace up front and back zip entry comes with an eye patch and dagger.

9. Cop

Dress up as the authoritarian this Halloween and expect authority in this black costume, which includes a black dress, glasses, gloves and a badge.

10. School Girl

An outfit that never goes out of style, and which will definitely accentuate those curves this Halloween with a short sleeved white cotton tie front top and matching plus size red plaid school girl skirt.

These are my top recommendations for plus size Halloween costumes. Make sure you take a closer look at these options if you're unsure about what you will be dressing up as this coming Halloween!

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