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How to Make Your Breasts Larger without Surgery

A lot of women have a serious self-confidence issue with their breasts. Our image conscious culture is forever satisfying women with great bodies and nice plump, round breasts... making many women wish they were able to boost their breasts. Unfortunately, risky surgery is the only one way to make your breasts larger. However, there's also another less well-known way - to enhance the size of your breasts with natural techniques:

1. Get more Estrogen

The main part of getting larger breasts is to work with your body, by consuming more "Estrogen", the hormone which gives women breasts in the first place. The big problem is that since Estrogen is produced a lot during teenage years, it's making our breasts grow like crazy. However, when puberty stops, the Estrogen flow is cut significantly, making our breasts settle at the same size.

This is a problem for many women because it leaves them with under developed or small breasts which make them feel less confident about. To get your breasts to raise a lot larger, you just need to boost the level of Estrogen inside your body, to the levels it was when it was when you were in teenage years... and this can be done by eating Estrogen-rich foods. Fortunately, Estrogen is a naturally occurring substance, meaning that you can get it from a lot of different plants. Flax seeds and oranges are some of the best for this.

2. Chest Exercises

This is one of the main oversights that a lot of women should getting bigger breasts. Most of the time, breasts are droop or sag because they don't have enough support from the muscles underneath them. These muscles are called "Pectorals" and are the similar 'pecs' that men have. The only difference for women is that our pecs are hidden below our breasts, meaning that in order to make our breasts show up a lot more and seem fuller, you just need to be able to tighten the pectorals and make the breasts stick out more. Good exercises for this include the push ups and chest press.

3. Breasts Massage

Many women also hold back their breasts from mounting by stuffing them inside tight tops or bras that don't fit. This is a big difficulty because it cuts off the blood flow to the breasts, making them appear a lot less round than what they supposed to be. You can straight away make your breasts come out to be a lot fuller by performing a few Thai massages on them every night. This can be done with your other half so you both enjoy it, but it's basically a way for the circulation to be opened inside your bosoms again, allowing them to breathe and prosper.

Clearly, doing these 3 things will help a little, but in order to see the best results, you need to follow routines that will give you the best chances of sensation.

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TLTBA said...

Most women suffer from estrogen dominance... we don't really lack estrogen.

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