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What Temperature is Safe For Your Hair?

Hair and heat are two things that do not go very well. Heat damages the hair when exposed to it for so long. However, heat is necessary to style hair. Blow dryers, curling irons, and hair straighteners all use heat. The key to having a wonderful hairstyle without damaging the hair is to use the appropriate temperature for your hair type and using the tools with good quality.

Choose the right hair styling tools. The ceramic hair straighteners are good choices for straighteners because it heats easily and performs well. It cuts the time the hair spent with the heat. To help you further with hair temperature, you can use the following guidelines:

· The heat needed to style your hair depends on the kind of hair you have. If you have normal hair that is easy to style, you can use moderate heat. It is also better if your hair device has a wide range of temperature settings so that you can adjust it to a suitable level.

· Fine hair damages easily. You have to be gentle in handling it. Use the lowest level of temperature setting when styling your hair. The good thing about it though is that it dries easily so it will not spend a lot of time under the blow dryer. A problem with it though is that it is difficult to style. This is why you have to consider using additional hair products to give it more volume to hold a certain style.

· Thick, curly, and frizzy hairs are very difficult to manage. Since most curly hair are dry, they tend to break easily too. This means that you have to be gentle with it. However, they also need high level of heat to dry, style, and straighten. This is why you need to pick a good tool for your hair. The ceramic hair straighteners for example are best for these types of hair. They lock in the moisture in your hair, thus your hair will not look dehydrated after straightening them.

· Curling irons and hair straighteners should also consider the length of your hair. If you straighten your hair with a straightener that is not wide enough, your hair will need more exposure to the heat. If you are going to use short panels on long hair, you will need more time to do the lengths. This will also expose your hair to heat longer.

· When using a hair straightener, go through your hair from root to tip in one smooth stroke. Stride the ceramic hair straighteners two or three times until desired results is achieve. When curling, do not leave the panel on your hair for more than eight seconds.

Most of the hair devices right now use heat. It is important to choose the kind of device that will work for your hair. Learn the level of heat that will work well and make sure that you have it under control. The sizes of panels and plates should be appropriate for the length of your hair to avoid exposing it to heat for a long period.

Kristy is a professional hair stylist and writer for My Hair Styling Tools, a leading supplier of the ever popular Hair Styling Iron.

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