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Trends in Men's Cosmetics

Advertisers have spent millions of dollars recently to market the world of hygiene and skin care to men. Women have been long time users of such things as body wash, hair dye kits and an array of delectable scents. More and more men are finding the joy in these products and the benefit from caring for the skin and body with some extra pampering and attention. From pedicures to laser hair removal, it might come as a surprise to the general public just how many men are participating in what used to be women only territory. The number of men working in professions related to the cosmetic industry is also steadily increasing.

It's obvious that more marketing dollars are now being spent on the male gender. A trip to any grocery or department store will reveal entire lines of shampoos and hair color kits that feature men on the packaging instead of women. These are the same products made by the same company as the package with the woman on the front, yet it makes a difference when it comes to men shopping. When men feel that something has been made just for them they're more likely to buy it, especially the bachelor's that do not currently live with a woman.

Television ads have also increased steadily with commercials for men's cologne, aftershave and razors among other things. A growing industry is demanding that society sit up and pay attention. Both hair salons and body treatment spas now operate facilities that specialize in the needs of men. This is a way of allowing guys to ease their way in to what may still be a new world. With so many products thrown at you daily, it can be challenging to know where to start. An environment that serves only men makes it less daunting to walk through the front door for that manicure or facial that you'd never ask for in an establishment littered with women.

From coloring over those pesky grey hairs to removing them altogether, there is no end to the trend of men's cosmetics. The smooth finish left behind by a good wax job is being embraced and enjoyed by men looking for everything from a touch up to a full chest wax, wrestler style. With the increase in society's efforts to be fashion conscious many men are deciding that they don't want to be left out. They say that the clothes make the man but that can't possibly be true if he forgets about his hair and nails. A clean appearance is more than just an outfit.

The well manicured, perfectly pressed look might once have been strictly associated with the corporate executive or the high powered attorney. No longer is a well groomed physique something to be labeled by status or career choice. Wearing a suit and tie has nothing to do with the ability to enjoy looking and feeling great. It doesn't have to cost a lot either. Most hygiene products are decently priced. Take advantage of all that the industry has to cater to the needs of men.

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