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Products For Hair Loss - Restore Natural Hair Growth

Products for hair loss can be categorized into two primary areas. One, topical applications that stimulate natural hair growth and block DHT; and two, vitamins for hair loss that provide nutrients and minerals for optimal follicle development.

Other products exist as well. Hair loss restoration through implants or hair pieces can provide longer term benefits as well as laser therapy which is known to increase dermal circulation that can stimulate the root and bulb.

Topical Applications

Many topical products for hair loss focus on ensuring the proper environment is created for growth. Temporary hair loss, known as "Diffuse" hair loss, is often the result of several factors - hormonal changes, medications, stress, dirt or excess oil production, to name a few.

Hormonal changes can occur during menopause, pregnancy, or aging. Medications such as birth control pills or thyroid medicines can quickly shift the balance of chemical and hormonal chains in our bodies and lead to temporary hair fall.

DHT which acts to block growth is a result of testosterone development and will decrease the rate at which hair grows or extend resting phases of the follicles.

Topical treatments often address blocking DHT with active ingredients such as Trichogen or act to improve capillary circulation at the scalp increasing nutrient delivery to the root and bulb.

In addition, deep cleansing helps by irrigating follicle pores and regulating sebum - hair oils. Oil, dirt, and excess sebum production can choke the root and slow growth or lead to loss.

Hair loss treatments in the form of shampoos, conditioners or follicle stimulators directly infuse vital hydration and nutrients. Follicle stimulators often contain Trichogen that help block DHT and improve moisture content.

Vitamins for hair loss

Lack of nutrition is one of the leading causes of hair loss. Today's diets often lack minerals and vitamins needed for healthy hair, nails and skin. Supplementing your diet with hair vitamins can help improve the balance of minerals and nutrients needed to ward-off Diffuse hair loss.

Many vitamins - including vitamin B12 - are necessary for proper follicle and root development. Styling and chemical treatments can lead to malnourished hair and result in slowing growth phases or fall-out.

Products for hair loss can greatly improve the chances of renewing natural hair growth. Short of surgical or implant procedures, growth can often be re-established with the use of topical applications or vitamins for hair loss.

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