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How to Use Jojoba For Oily Skin Care

It is common place for cosmetic companies to recommend different ingredients for oily skin care. But, if a company uses some of the natural vegetable waxes that help to balance sebum production, they can use the same ingredients in dry, combination or oily skincare products. It's all about balance.

Cleanse First - NO ALCOHOL

Cleansing is one of the first steps in oily skin care. But, you need to choose your daily cleanser carefully. Many of the most common cleansers contain ingredients that can lead to more break outs. In order to combat the harsh drying ingredients like alcohol, your skin's cells produce more sebum, which leads to more oiliness.

Some of the worst oily skincare products for daily cleansing come from names that we have grown to trust, such as Neutrogena, Clearasil, Avon and L'oreal. Some of the best come from companies that you may have never heard of like Coastal Classic Creations and Karen's botanicals.

You see, nature has given us pretty much everything that we need for oily skin care, but most of us don't have access to a jojoba bush and wouldn't have time to crush the seeds for the wax that they contain. But, luckily there are new companies that provide the botanical or plant ingredients that will reduce oiliness, without drying.

Jojoba - the Unique Plant Oil

One ingredient to look for is jojoba. It was used historically by Native American's for its healing properties. Chemical evaluation showed that it is unique among plant oils. In fact, it is actually a wax, but it doesn't fell waxy like paraffin or greasy like mineral oil and petrolatum. It feels great.

Jojoba should be included in oily skincare products because it reduces sebum production in oilier skin-types, but it's good for dryness, as well, because it moisturizes. In other words, it balances the amount of oil that is present in the skin's cells at any one time, so your face never feels greasy, but never feels too dry.

Chemically, it is so similar to human sebum that the production of sebum is reduced, as opposed to things like alcohol that dry up the sebum and just trigger the production of more. It is not a common ingredient in oily skin care cleansers, because it is more expensive than the more common mineral oils that most companies use.

People who need oily skincare products have often suffered from some scarring over the years due to pimples, cysts and other breakouts. Because of its unique healing properties, jojoba can, in a short time, make those scars lighter and eventually, they may disappear all together.

Research has shown that it is beneficial in treating acne, the most common oily skin care problem. It is also a natural source of Vitamin E, which is good for the skins overall health and appearance.

There are other plant extracts that are beneficial oily skincare products, including ALLANTOIN, a natural compound found in some herbs. Certain types of clay and compounds derived from them are also good to absorb excess oil and pull out grime, thus reducing blackheads and reducing pimples.

But, the best oily skin care is not available in the average department store. You really have to search for it, but it's worth the effort. Continue your search here.

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