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How to Look Younger With Anti-Wrinkle Creams, Lotions?

Many anti wrinkle creams lotions and gels contain vitamin E. The vitamin has been called the great protector of the skin. Because of its antioxidant activity, it combats the damaging effects of free radicals that cause everything from wrinkles to cancer.

But, some sources of vitamin E are better than others and the process used to deliver the vitamin to the skin must be correct or their will be little or no improvement. The correct source is natural, as opposed to synthetic. The correct form is in ultrafine particles, no larger than 2500 nanometers.

If supplied correctly, anti wrinkle creams lotions and gels that contain vitamin E can play a role in "reversing" the effects of aging. The appearance of fine lines and wrinkles will be reduced. If used as a preventative measure, you may avoid age spots, completely.

If you have scars or stretch marks on your body, the right anti wrinkle creams lotions for the body will gradually fade them away. Scientific studies have shown that vitamin E can decrease the effects of some serious skin conditions, including psoriasis. It may also be beneficial for skin cancer prevention.

When you look at all the benefits, it sounds like a miracle drug. But, you may be disappointed if the company that made your anti wrinkle creams lotions or other skincare products did not use the ultrafine particles that can be absorbed deeply through many of the skin's layers.

If the ingredient mentioned on the label is vitamin E acetate, then it is the synthetic form and it will have less antioxidant activity. Most companies that use natural vitamin E will make a point of noting that it is the naturally occurring compound, but if only a small amount is included, then it may still be ineffective.

In order to be effective, the product should be at least .5-1% natural vitamin E. Most skincare products are only .1 or .2%.

Some companies use the vitamin as a natural non-irritating harmless preservative. Most cosmetic companies use some form of parabens as preservatives. Parabens have been linked to cancer in several different studies. Plus, they are common allergens.

Companies that don't use any preservatives, at all, should have a use-by date, so that you can avoid using something rancid. Rancid lotion can cause bacterial, fungal or viral infections.

One of the most effective products on the market combines ultrafine natural vitamin E with ultrafine coenzyme Q10. When researchers began to study the effects of COQ10 on free radical damage, they were actually amazed.

The importance of the antioxidant has been known for quite some time, but only recently were the benefits to the skin recognized. Because of its ability to transport electrons on a molecular level, it can actually "undo" free radical damage.

There are many other natural and nourishing ingredients that improve the effectiveness of anti wrinkle creams lotions and gel, but this information should get you started in the right direction. Take the time to shop for the best and avoid disappointment.

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