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Anti-Aging Exercise

Without a doubt the best way to looker younger, feel younger and live longer is by exercising on a regular basis and maintaining a better state of health.
You don't need to do excessive exercise, and in fact too much exercise can actually make you look aged.

Look at people participating in sports such as marathon running and you will notice that many of them look considerably older than they actually are simply because they are exposing their bodies to excessive stress and also because they are exercising outside for long periods of time their skin becomes 'weather beaten' and aged.

Everything should be done in moderation if you are looking for the best results where you get the benefit of the exercise and also the anti aging and health factors that are associated with the correct fitness programs.

There are many types of exercise that will give you considerable benefit for anti aging and they can range from tai chi which is excellent for both young and old people to various different forms of resistance training that is also suitable for most age groups but needs to be monitored with elderly people to ensure they don't get any injuries.

Resistance training when used correctly has many benefits that can help you to look younger. Apart from the benefits of toning the body, the tension that you get in your face muscles when doing the exercises can act in a similar manner to a face life and many people don't realize that the biggest change that you can get from a face life is from the muscles under the skin.

Resistance training will also reduce the percentage of fat in the body which in turn will make you look younger as a firm fat free body is a condition that most people associate with youth.

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